Item: LC79-Part One

Crystal- Klan Wife-Interracial Cream Pie
Part One

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This is Part One of a two part set with some of the BEST underground video footage you can find and is EXCLUSIVE to this site.   

This long legged Southern blonde is the REAL LIFE wife of a Klansman, (NO SHIT) She has been avoiding BLACK men all her life. That ends on this DVD for you to see. 30 years old, 5'4" 115 lbs, 36D.  A truely HOT Southern MILF. 

She starts off in her sexy white lingerie and shows you all her charms.  What a body!She's then joined by the INCREDIBLE Racquel.  Watch and wish it was you as they both fuck a studly white guy.  He does his duty and then these hot bitches suck him off and swap his cum left on their faces.  Yummy!

Next, the girls are on the bed with a black dildo and you see some fantastic girl girl action.  Racquel is warming up Crystal to get that Black Dick she has always wanted.

Finally, your wait is over!  The girls go to the black mans apartment.  Crystal is nervous but ready to do it.  You get to watch as, under the watchful eye of Racquel, the FIRST black cock enters Crystals mouth.  She is beautiful sucking it and does not miss a beat.  Her pussy gets soaking wet and drips on the floor knowing that she is sucking that black dick! 

You watch and judge her reaction as he then puts his black pole in her white, southern pussy for the first time. Imagine what she is feeling doing the taboo!

A white guys joins and Crystal gets two cocks for the first time.  They fuck her fast and hard.  The Black guys is on a mission to make this woman a Black Cock slut.  He fucks her pussy with Racquel encouraging him, Then WITHOUT HER PERMISSION, you will see a creampie lovers delight, the Black guys gushes into her pussy.  He was NOT supposed to cum IN her.  But he busted his nuts in her pussy anyway! Gooey, awesome closeups.  This white woman has now been CUM IN by a black man.  Her Husband has NO IDEA she is fucking a black man. 

I wonder what she thinks when her husbands face is down in her cunt later.  Hehehehe!   Too FUCKING HOT AND NASTY!  She even has on her wedding ring!  Slow Motion of her holding her cunt open with the Black Man cum dripping out in GOBS!

This is a truly GREAT movie from my Southern friends! HOT REAL CREAMPIE sex you can NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!  This had to be smuggled out for you to see.  AWESOME INTERRACIAL!  1 hour and 22 minutes.  

Don't miss the other Southern Girls Series.  LC70, LC71, LC74, LC76, LC79-2, LC81.  Get a "6 Pack Special".

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video capture video capture video capture

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